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Squishi Kitti

RSD - Mental Health Demon Print

RSD - Mental Health Demon Print

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This drawing represents how crippling RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) can be. It’s often coupled with ADHD and because it’s not often diagnosed. The best way to describe RSD is the feeling of crippling shame and disappointment when criticised. The feeling of not being good enough. Getting deeply sad or angry when it’s triggered.

Many of us are left feeling there must be something inherently wrong with us. When in fact our brains struggle to rationalise any form of criticism. When I learnt more about RSD, I was able to put in place measures to help me get through it when it’s triggered. Being open and honest with those who are close to us about our triggers is the first step. By having a support system who are willing to change and adapt, you’ll find things become easier and you’re less triggered.

Just know you’re not alone in feeling this way. 

Please note that A5 and A4 are NOT fine art prints and are not hand signed (but do contain a digital signature). Fine art prints are archival for 100+ years and are the closest to the original colours and detail. Fine art prints are numbered and hand signed and come in size A3.

★ Standard print sizes are A5 (5.8 in x 8.3 in) or A4 (8.3 in x 11.7 in)

★ Standard prints are photographic lustre paper 

★ Fine art print size is A3 (16.5 in x 11.7 in) and are printed on textured, thick matte paper

★ Worldwide shipping available


Please note colours vary from print to screen. You also may notice the crop is slightly different on different sizes. This is due to aspect ratio. Images are cropped carefully and the best way possible to avoid loosing any important detail.


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